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Most convenient hotel for visitors of Montreal Festivals

Chalets Beaconsfield offers the best variety of accommodation for visitors to Montreal in the upcoming tourist season. Whether you come for the Montreal Grand Prix or any other activities such as Just For Laugh, Montreal International Fireworks competition, or Jazz Festival, you could take advantage of Chalets Beaconsfield’s great competitive rates, ease of access to the Montreal, and tranquil environment at our motel.

Finding a reasonable and convenient accommodation during these international festivals can be very difficult in Montreal as a significant number of tourists attend these events. For this reason, it is strongly suggested to make reservations well in advance.

Not Only an early reservation will guarantee your place to stay but also will lock-in great prices as occupancy rate in Montreal easily approaches %100 for these events especially during Grand Prix, Jazz Festival, Just For Laugh, and International Fireworks competition. Guests at Chalets Beaconsfield could particularly benefit from our ease of access to Montreal events whether by car or public transport.