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Chalets Beaconsfield Motel like no other motel in Montreal

Unlike any other motel/hotel, Chalets Beaconsfield was established before the surrounding town in the early 1930s. At the time it served as cottages next to lake Saint-Louis for people getting away from busy Montreal.

Today, nearly a century later as Montreal and suburbs grew, it engulfed the Chalets Beaconsfield.

This contrast is what makes Chalets Beaconsfield one of the most unique boutique Hotels in Montreal. The motel is completely surrounded by multi-million dollar mansions in a residential zone. In fact, one of the more common comments by our guests is how surprised they are to find the motel in a beautiful residential zone. The tranquility and beautiful scenery makes Chalets Beaconsfield a sought after accommodation in the summer high season, requiring reservation well in advance.

Chalets Beaconsfield has one of the greatest rates of returning guests as we offer proximity and easy fast access to Montreal yet nestled in a residential zone away from the busy downtown. We hope to be able to serve you and your family for years to come.